Does Your Influencer Marketing Platform Help Find Influencers? (Reach.Dog Does)

Does Your Influencer Marketing Platform Help Find Influencers? (Reach.Dog Does)

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest marketing strategies available. That’s why an effective influencer marketing platform is vital. As the creator economy grows roots, more people come online and join various social platforms. Content creators (aka influencers) are leveraging their numbers to reshape how brands reach their customers.

Alexa blog has documented the core benefits of influencer marketing well. This is why a report by eMarketer reveals that 67.9 percent of brands and marketers in the US will use influencer marketing in 2021. Note, however, that the process of strategizing and incorporating influencer marketing into your existing marketing campaigns can be confusing and complicated.

With so much competition for social media users, what matters most is how well a brand defines its target audience and marketing goals. They must then find the right influencers to work with and select a marketing campaign strategy to implement.

If you are considering influencer marketing, this is where an influencer marketing platform like Reach.Dog comes in.

Define Your Target Audience and Marketing Goals

Every successful marketing campaign starts with defining tangible and attainable goals. List the goals of the campaign in the early stages of planning. This makes it easy to shape a consistent influencer marketing strategy.

Your goals could be quantifiable objectives, such as generating more leads for your lead magnets or getting more sales. Or, they could be more abstract, such as generating engagement and establishing brand awareness.

When you choose the right influencer marketing platform, you narrow down the focus of the campaign and define the target audience.

Before you start looking for influencers with a large following, take the time to create a persona of your target audience. Outline the details of the social media users you wish to connect with. Describe their demographic and psychographic details.

With this information, it will be easier for the influencer marketing platform to find the right influencers that will help you reach the right market.

Choose an Influencer Marketing Platform with a Database of Influencers

Influencers make marketing seem so casual and straightforward. However, behind the success of this form of marketing are data-driven systems that analyze influencer audiences and their histories.

Platforms such as Reach.Dog, for instance, rely on a constantly updated database. These smart systems match marketers with influencers. Think of the platform as a managed holistic database for content creators, the way IMDB is a database of movies.

When you have clearly defined marketing goals and a target audience, the system analyzes the database and showcases matching creators. The system is unbiased and searchable. However, the ultimate decision on which influencers are best for your brand lies with you.

Types of Influencers to Choose From

Many people, even some influencer marketing platforms, mistakenly believe that celebrities are the only marketing influencers. However, a new crop of content creators is reaching a broader audience than ever before. An effective influencer marketing platform is holistic, featuring a variety of content creators. It should allow you to choose from a range of influencer types, including:

  • Celebrities
  • Social Media Stars
  • Thought Leaders
  • Industry Experts
  • Bloggers
  • Athletes
  • Loyal Customers
  • Non-competing brands

Why Influencer Research is Crucial

An influencer marketing platform can help you find the right influencers with whom you share a target market. But the search does not end with a search result. The next step is to narrow down the list of potential influencers. You’ll want to identify influencers with the right mix of reach and engagement.

Reach.Dog provides detailed stats on content creators within their database to make it easy for you to compare and contrast. You can review influencers based on the number of followers, average engagement of posts, number of likes, frequency of posting, etc.

Once you create an account on the platform, you will be on track to revamp your marketing campaigns. More importantly, you will be joining a movement that empowers creators. According to Markets and Markets, the influencer marketing market is projected to evolve into a $24 billion industry by 2025. You’ve just invested in it!

Choose Influencers Based on the Projected Impact

Before you settle on an influencer to promote your brand or product, you must agree on the strategies of the campaign. Here are some of the most popular marketing strategies you may consider:

  • Gifts and giveaways
  • Sponsored content
  • Mentions
  • Content co-creation
  • Guest posting
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Discount codes
  • Brand ambassador

The primary reason that influencer marketing has grown famous, and will continue to explode, is because it is different from traditional marketing. Customers trust influencers because they identify with them. For influencer marketing campaigns to be successful, the strategies used to influence consumer behavior and decisions are more personal and organic.

With the help of an influencer marketing platform, you can draw up a plan that best suits your product. Plus, you’ll get input on what strategies the influencer finds most effective. After all, who knows the target audience better than the influencers themselves?

Reach.Dog will help you create a flexible and accommodating marketing plan that will increase your chances of matching the right influencer. So whether you need to find a niche-specific nano-influencer (this is an influencer with less than 10,000 followers) or can afford a celebrity with a million subscribers on YouTube, the autonomous platform will ensure you the right match.

In Summary

This post does not cover everything you need to know about finding the right influencer marketing platform. It only covers the highlights. If you are considering leveraging social media to reach a broader or more specific audience, you need the right platform.

Reach.Dog is a free influencer marketing platform, developed by James Cashiola. Check out our “Learn More” page for tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your influencer partnerships. 

By The Reach.Dog Team

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